Weekend Musings


It was a lovely, rain filled weekend.  We celebrated 36 trips around the sun for my husband.  I made a doctored cake mix cake for him for his birthday.  (You just add a packet of pudding mix and an extra egg to the directions for the cake mix.)  His brother and sister came over to celebrate with us and we had dinner at Dickey’s Barbecue.



So I did a thing…

Welcome to my blog.  It has been requested that I start a blog for a few years now. (Aren’t you so proud Jackie, Hannah and May!) Just a small corner of the internet where I can subject you to my ramblings, ideas and inspirations.   I am not an expert on anything, but I love to learn and share my knowledge and inspire people.  I hope this will become a space where I can share these tidbits with a wider audience and spread the good.  Wish me luck!